Côte de boeuf, rillette & cervelle de canut. It may sound a little elaborate, but it isn’t.

When it comes to good food and drink, the occasional oddity is par for the course. We are happy to let the ingredients and the simple flavours take their rightful place in the spotlight. Such as a spicy charcuterie platter with a glass of red wine, or some salty cheese with sweet marmalade. Sometimes, that is all you need.

We like traditional Swedish flavours, but have also allowed ourselves to be inspired by more southern climes. You may notice this not only from the French and Spanish delicacies on our menu, but also in our slightly more continental approach of “the larger the party, the merrier the mood.” That is why the intention with many of our dishes is to share them with friends. If you are particularly peckish, there are more substantial dishes that are perfect to share for dinner. If you are a bit pressed for time, you can choose smaller dishes, or you can enjoy both cheese and charcuterie at the bar.

Food and drink are very close to our hearts, but our guests are even closer. So at times, there might not be a lot of space between the tables at Källaren.  There might also be a bit of noisy banter. Quite simply, it might be a bit topsy-turvy, like it is in old wine cellars at times.